Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Are you hungry, Aga?

Since I am in mood for blogging, I will blog lol:P

I remember that one of these remarkable things which surprised me, was the repeating question each time I saw a person: Are you hungry, Aga?

I usually kept kindly responding, that well, yes or no, adding some remark like :"let's go for lunch then", until I started thinking that it actually might be a local way of saying: "How are you?".

The roots of this attitude are not that long and they reach Korean War and it's aftermath. During the struggle both sides had their losses in human assets, but South Korea went weakened out of the war and civilians suffered hunger until the 60-s.

During that first several years it often happened that farmers cooked grass and pieces of tree branches to feed themselves and actually hunger deaths were popular cases.

It was then, when people asked each other with caring attitude: "Have you eaten rice yet?", as "Are you well, are you in need, how are you?".

So if you hear" Have you had your lunch yet?", you can reply "I'm fine, thanks" unless you really want to eat.

Strictly business

I already thought I would have a rest from blogging for a while, at least take a break from my english blog, because I need to defend my thesis, do my finals on both study tracks, and finally think about having some rest, and oh yes, pack my stuff and leave Warsaw at last.

But I think I need to write about this one.
For recent year I got  quantities of emails, skypecalls, and other messages poking me if I know some Koreans, if I am in Korea, and that there is a great opportunity to earn some extra money.

After I asked for some details, ex. legal details of a contract, salary, etc. I usually got informed about extra opportunity in spa&wellness which is called Monavie and it is amazing and so on.

In this field I do have several remarks. To the owners of Monavie: please do go to KOTRA and negotiate and sign the agreement with sillebangs, as I see no easier option to get with a new product into Korean market. Of course if you guys are a serious business with a serious money with a serious vision and with a serious marketing.

If one of your "cooperators" pokes me asking "how is it" to live in Korea, that already sucks. If you want to do business with Koreans, learn the language and mentality, or pay the expert in social science as I am. I will teach you the etiquette and basic differences, 100€ for an hour each. Well, polish people 25€ each and it will be fine.

Also: do not look for cooperators in Korea if you have no knowledge about the immigration and labor law, don't know the beaurocracy of visas and stuff like that.

In other words: money make money. Pay and earn. And if you want to save, quit the business idea.

And last but not least: STOP POKING ME.

From the cauch in Warsaw

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Elections turnout and analysis

Elections turnout and analysis....

Recent elections brought several issues into spotlight.
More than 54% of voters took part and it is the highest number within 15 years. By region that number didn't differ much, with the highest on Jeju - well, not difficult isn't it?

In local provincial legislative seats GNP lost. to DEP almost everywhere. GNP won 4 out of 7 mayoral seats but was smashed by DEP in the governor's elections. In municipal legislative elections GNP won 160 seats, but DEP 154.

DEP is known as anti-American and Pro- North Korea party fed by childhood stories, that when you are nasty then American soldier will come and eat you - indeed this American soldier is a fairy tale equivalent to the evil wolf who eats the Red Hood in the West.

What does it mean for future? What does it mean now?
There is a growing fear I would say, that if we support the North then the North lets us alone and stops sinking our ships. Is it a way out? Not sure, depends on what solutions this party has. And about that- no real english sources, so please wait for the feedback from my Korean counterparts.

I generally observe the typical phenomenon of American presence somewhere. Well, USA is definately not an angel, but the presence of it's army and funds convince a lot of people worldwide that it comes for free. That we may receive the shield umbrella and revolt in one.

I would be careful if I were DEP officials. So far they treat many things as granted. Their progress is granted, democracy is granted, growing support for human rights is granted.

Well history shows that this is only granted for as long as people really want to preserve and respect these values. Any dreams of Kim Jong Il's heaven on the Earth may really harm South Koreans.

But social changes are needed on the other hand. There must be a retirement system which is somehow supported by the state, I also see the room for rehabilitation of handicapped and much more. This is the room for socialist/leftist parties as I have no illusion that conservative Friedmanists would ever achieve that.

From now on I am on holiday time, we will meet again several weeks.

Monday, 7 June 2010


Briefing on major powers and results and what it may mean for Korean policies coming soon.