Saturday, 25 August 2012

Brand Wars

Samsung lost with Apple and has to pay at least 1 bln $ penalties for violating Apple's Intellectual Property Rights. Apple says: justice, Samsung:one business has monopolized rectangular shape with rounded corners. Who's right? 

It was only a matter of time as the case was in the court for quite a while. Korean electronics giant is often accused of stealing ideas and patents for applications. But this time it was largely about trade dress: shape, color, design, material etc. Not about actual brainwork: efficiency, IT patent, application etc. 

It's good that Apple exists, it is still one business that gives jobs to American people and American people do need jobs. 

But it is also about customer choice: let me copy a guy who develops applications for iPhones and for Android:

"... iPhone 4 is available for circa około 400$ with 1Ghz prock, 512MB ram, of which 312 is available, and up to 16GB (speaking about such price devices).
What if I buy Android? For 200$ circa I can obtain Samsung Galaxy S with equal parameters and I can stick 64GB into a slot - do I need to say more?.
iPhone 4S - take 16GB - 800Ghz+800Ghz - 1,6Ghz prock, 512MB ram, available 300MB,new graphics processor, price- over 700$.
Android? : Samsung Galaxy S II - processor 1.5 Dual Core which is - 3Ghz, 1GB RAM, available 750,  MicroSD slot for up to 64GB, graphic processor BETTER than 4S'. Price? 350 $ circa. ..."

This whole situation reminds me of Microsoft attempts to shut down any open protocol globally, open code would be only Microsoft code in terms of norms available. They even tried to force our industrial and technical norms institute to make such regulations that never again a group of kids could start any garage business that could grow into a rival of any contemporary giant. 

 I don't write this because I like Korean stuff or have preference for Samsung. They did a lot of junk, including my dad's old work cellphone, which had a touchpad too active and it was not possible not to double or tripple press anything. They never made anything as simply and elegant like low price level "Stupid" Nokia's. 

But quarelling about the shape, the color, the simmilar look? Will we ban any not Dell laptop's just because they are rectangular and they open, or they have simmilar sizes?


Welcome back after holidays

Welcome back after holidays

Dear readers, sorry for not writting for a while. But we all need a break sometimes. For several weeks I have simply been resting, and doing nothing but resting and travelling. I also have not read single Asian or Korean news meanwhile. Now it's time to write some more and be more regular.