Sunday, 27 February 2011

Back on track

To all my readers,
there was a break on the blog.

This silence I'll stop very soon. I have just wrapped up another long term stay in Korea.
I will be back profesionally every now and then to this beautiful country,
expct soon posts on Korea...just after I clean tones of mess and get back to normal in Poland.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Just checked that two people are able to carry an irregular box of 20 kg for a distance of 300m. I love Ajou Campus, this is how far was my post office. 
 And I love Korea Post, have I mentioned it? I have no idea how come 20kg of stuff costs an equivalent of 40€ to be sent to Poland by surface.  If I wanted to do the same from Poland I would pay at least 250€ for the same amount of stuff, and I could not be sure that I get it later. Wages of people are simmilar, much higher in Korea actually, and how come the post is so cheap I have no idea. Maybe it is a good topic for some IB student?
And if I think what fascinating journey will my parcel make: to Pusan and later around all China, India, Medditerranean and to Rotterdam, from there by DHL via Deutsche Bahn to Warsaw Central, I really wish I could send myself off this way :) A fascinating journey around the whole world for 50 000 KRW. Yeah, everyone needs dreams.