Thursday, 11 April 2013

Taxi Stories

Today my friend Shirley heard from the Taxi driver in Suwon "have a nice day and be happy". That only happens in Korea :)

I also had several quite nice taxi stories :)

Once when I had to meet my friend from Wyborcza newspaper somewhere in the city center of Seoul, I was running late by 20 minutes, ajoshi from the taxi told me:
- No worries lady. We go as long as we find him.
- But tooni obsoyo, I have no more cash to pay you for extra time.
- No need madam.

And indeed we found Chris as he was passing Cheong Wae Dae Palace perimeter.  And I paid for no extra ride :)

Another time we were going back from shopping near Suwon Station with my Indian ex boyfriend, and the driver asked:
- Her, wife?
- No.
- Kiss?
- Yes :)
- Sex?
- Maybe.

It was rather remarkable conversation and additionally I felt like an absent object and it was on between two guys, taxi driver and my ex.

Again some months later I was rather burned out and upset, on my way from a long trip to the mountains when taxi driver asked:
- You boyfriendy have?
- No...
- Pity. Yeopuda ( beauty)  lady should have man. No man, no good.

Yeah, wanted to tell him "no man, no cry" like Bob Marley would put it, but I said nothing...was rather happy to hear something nice eventually.  

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

War or no war

Some of you probably check this blog to know what I think about the situation on the penninsula. 

I do not think anything yet cause nothing really happens. Words are no facts yet.

It is difficult to really judge wether NK will attack SK. I think that no, but I may be wrong. Also if I thought that yes, I might be wrong too. So it is better to just sit tight and wait what happens. And when anything happens I will write about it.