Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New President

South Korea has elected new president. This time it is a woman.

Park Geun-hye of whom I have written here several times, was not so long ago elected to be new president of the Republic of Korea.

But, as it was to be expected, vote had actually split almost half-half between supporters and those who were against.

Supporters hope that she can get Korea out from economic crisis ( in Korean opinion crisis is when growth rate decreases below double digit). Those who are against call her, rightly so, dictator's daughter with no real plan or agenda of herself.

But my Korean friends, even those who were not voting for her, admit she has wisely won Korean regionalisms. She got support of two important figures on Korean political scene and it was, after all, crucial for her victory.

So she is wise politician, but, is she, a leader?

Time will tell.


Happy New Year 2013  Everyone :)