Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bark Taeho asks Polish for help

Korean Minister of Trade asks Polish authorities to support his candidacy to become a leader of the World Trade Organization. 

"I still remember times when almost everyone in my country was hungry. We received milk from American soldiers. Now we have everything. I know the meaning of hard work and what can be achieved if combined with proper aid" - says Bark Taewo. 

In his opinion every country can repeat Korean success and his role as a boss of WTO would be to make everything possible to make the best out of Korean experience


North Korean Leader has published 28 officially permitted hairstyles for his female and male citizens
Poor is the country indeed where freedom is limited even this way. No food, no internet, and no future and now even this. 

In free South korea there are no pfficially permitted hairstyles. But there is fashion. And it is completely enough to make every each young lady looking like the newest popular drama actress. 

And how many guys looking like him have you seen on Seoul streets?