Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nonsense entry

To people who make my life special, and those who keep me up when I fail, those who accept me at my worst and cherish me at my best...

... thank you :)

You know who you are

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Asian Lover

"...I BECAME A PLAYER I've gone out with 100 women in a little over 2 years. I had sex with a good percentage of them, kissed even more. I spent very little money. In the beginning I used to take girls out to dinner. Later in my game, I was able to pull women to my house after a 10 minute phone conversation and have sex with them. ZERO MONEY Some of the women were very hot. Pretty faces, hot tight little bodies. So how did I go from being a total loser to the player I am now?..."

Scary, right? 
This is an excerpt from one of more and more popular sites advicing men how to get desirable women to have sex with them with least possible investment.  

I got inspired to write this one after discussion with my collegue following KBS report on Korean relationships with foreigners and how CBM responded to it. My collegue claims it is sexist attitude and that women are no harmless dolls and have their own will too. Hence they are not victims.

I was reading abstracts which people submitted for the following conference my Asian Studies Science Club organizes this Friday. I have seen one picture: that there is a global growing crisis of masculinity. Of what we used to understand as solid, reliable, strong testosterone which is there not to use and abuse, but to win and protect. Even in Asia such testosterone slowly diminishes. 

There is a growing pressure for getting laid free of cost with least possible investment. 

Why is it possible? Because women believe words. 
Here will be another excerpt from the same "expert":

"...Tip #4: Money is king. All of the women I dated had a change of heart after seeing my car. Focus on building wealth and in the meantime sell women the dream of a life of luxury. Remember, you don’t have to deliver it...." 

So why do we women fall for such promises? Because we want to believe. Because in the world of normal people we do not need written contracts and promises are usually kept. Every woman wants to believe in beautoful promises. 

We go to bed because we believe that our desires will come true. But also because distrustful cold attitude changes our personality not in the nice feminine direction. It is like running around with a full loaded pistol ready to fire if needed. Always on standby cause there might be cheating, deception, lies, games etc.  We want to trust someone at some point. We want to stop looking behind our back at each second.

Here is more from our expert:
Asian lover 
Read and you will get even more scared. Guy is on the hunt. He hunts for women with problems. Not confident, unaware of themselves, not tough, with bad experiences before etc. 

I am asking myself what is the reason of this attitude?  

I think that times are getting full with fierce competition between people. My ex who used simmilar techniques above mentioned on me admitted at some point that being better than his peers molded his personality forever. We are not talking anymore, seduced woman is quickly forgotten, no matter what words do you hear. They are only words. 

Key to deception on male side is that actions matter, not words. If you see actions not covering words flee for your dear life before you get hurt. No matter how cold and empty it feels. No matter how tough and male you might feel in a result. And try to believe that old fashioned gentleman who is not on the hunt exists out there. Strong, confident, ambitious, winning type who will be there only for you. 


There is a very funny aftermath though. Very often beautiful women with perfect looks end up married to rather average guys. And those who used to be on the hunt end up with either 20 years younger student from him or he ends up alone, or he ends up with rather average woman. Or he ends up alone and miserable...

There is a stage in men's life when sex is no more than urinating. But it normally does not take long time. Simple truth that sex with an unloved partner is unfulfilling and may end up with disgust and detest to a woman is hidden with overlapping propaganda of how cool is easy life and how women should enjoy sex with no commitment. Well do they?