Sunday, 6 February 2011

Just checked that two people are able to carry an irregular box of 20 kg for a distance of 300m. I love Ajou Campus, this is how far was my post office. 
 And I love Korea Post, have I mentioned it? I have no idea how come 20kg of stuff costs an equivalent of 40€ to be sent to Poland by surface.  If I wanted to do the same from Poland I would pay at least 250€ for the same amount of stuff, and I could not be sure that I get it later. Wages of people are simmilar, much higher in Korea actually, and how come the post is so cheap I have no idea. Maybe it is a good topic for some IB student?
And if I think what fascinating journey will my parcel make: to Pusan and later around all China, India, Medditerranean and to Rotterdam, from there by DHL via Deutsche Bahn to Warsaw Central, I really wish I could send myself off this way :) A fascinating journey around the whole world for 50 000 KRW. Yeah, everyone needs dreams. 


  1. Very informative. Thank you!

    I'm going to forward this to my email list.

  2. You're welcome to relink :):):)


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