Sunday, 17 January 2010

Poland- Korea Year of Chopin opened

Yesterday, on 16th January 2010 The Year of Chopin has been officially introduced by the Polish Ministry of Culture.

Fryderyk Chopin sometimes known as Szopen, is the most famous piano composer. Born in the Russian part of Poland ( see: partitions of Poland) was composing his first waltzes in the age of 5 and by the age of 8 performed his first concert for the wife of the Tsar, Emperess Maria Fedorovna.

The Chopin Family accepted financial support from the Tsar, but young Fryderyk refused to become the official composer of the Russian Empire in the services for the Emperor.

Just before the November Uprising of 1830 Chopin left for his journey to Paris, where he spent most of his life. For many years involved in passionate and dynamic affair with scandalist Gerorge Sand, left the greatest heritage of the piano compositions resembling all his thoughts and states of mind.

It is a great phenomen in Korea, that so many young people play his music, and study for years just to enter the Chopin Competition in Warsaw.

Chopin is so popular in Korea, that Keimyung University created special department where people study only Chopin music, after graduation usually go to Poland to develop their skills at polish music academies.

Chopin touches emotions which are conceiled during the normal grey path of life. Under the perfect smile and perfect social mask emotions are. Love, pain, passion, misery, desire, all of that uncovered by his tunes leaves them crying each time they hear the characteristic piano sound....


  1. Dont' forget to mention Chopin's stay in the Catalan island of Majorca with George Sand,between November 1838 and February 1839. We don't know his work, but everybody has seen their rooms in Valldemossa. Probably is the most famous Pole after and John Paul II.

  2. You are right Albert :) Thank you :)Chopin and Geroge Sand are one of these amazing couples...I think that even now a lot of people would envy their freedom of action and life. I have never seen their apartments there, but I will one day :)


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