Sunday, 28 August 2011

World 2.0 tries to take over World 1.0

....which will win?
Have you ever wondered that times we all live in are really crazy? Our life is haste and  full of race for cash and pleasure, the faster the better. Our capability of waiting for something  is very limited. Everything we want to get fast, cash, career, women, relationships.

Several things made me think that there is a huge change to what some of us consider normal or good coming with the speed of light.

Let's assume that I have a headache and I am at work. More often I hear "Oh you should take a pill". Maybe one person out of 10 would actually move ass and give me a pill and some hot tea. Shocking right? You would think that action means more than words especially if someone calls himself a friend. Really?!!! I meet more and more people who say "you should". My comment on that: "I know sweedy what I should, but with this you can kiss my ass as far as I know. Piss off. Or move yourself and act, because what you usually get from me is action!". But this is 1.0 person talking to 2.0 one. It can be compared to trying to convince a cow in India to move away from the road.

Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ************************** cenzorship

I was advised to cut off this part. :P

How many people of 1.0 do you know and how many of 2.0? Have you encountered more examples of the world getting crazy?

I would say I know them 50/50. But it is always easier to move the boundary further. To equalize all sorts of behavior. To stop calling things good or wrong. To stop having remorse for anything, or cut all social ties and substitute them with fake ones.


This post was more general, not just about Korea. But I think that these issues touch all of us, globally.
Warm regards to all of my 1.0 friends and 1.0 other users out there.

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