Sunday, 18 December 2011

Park Geun-hye used again?

"Park's role will likely begin and end as a kind of shield against cold drafts for the nominee review committee," the adviser from the Park wing predicted 2 days ago. 

Recently I had written that in future conservative figures compromised with old system of kinship, connections and silver spoon will less likely be choosen in the elections as the profile of voters and their values change.

In October mayoral elections in Seoul began a star of an independent politician who had no previous connections to any political party involved in traditional Korean politics. It may be one reason why GNP decided to reach for a legend of Park Chung-hee and allowed his daughter to come forefront and lead Hannara once again in her career. But another reason may be that Park Geun-hye if unbounded with any difficult responsibilities just before the presidential elections might focus all her resources on winning and becoming the Korea's next president.. Now one false step may be used against her both by the opposition and her own conservative collegues.

But Park Geun-hye is still unknown card in a tile. It is difficult to predict what she shall do as a leader, more than just doing PR in which she is perfect (see the previeus article on Park Geun-hye). She seems to have her own visions on looking for middle way in foreign affairs and domestic politics. But her chances for applying radical social reforms whiloe representing conservatives are rather slim, with that she would be better trying her chances with the socialist opposition.

Yet, the opposition does not want her. Her own pack may not want to listen. Possibly again she will be used as a shield and PR machine, not much more.

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