Thursday, 31 May 2012

Korea, sex and foreigners

Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation issued a report that outraged many foreigners living in Korea. The more heated reactions are, the more accurate accusations, life tells. In this case it is also truth. However patriarchal truth only about women. 

Here is the video. Watch and read further.

In many private conversations to guys I met in Korea I had this topic touched. One of the taboos was legendary orgasm. According to one "master in the skill" :
- Well, what my girlfriends told me is that guys usually releave theselves, turn and snorr. Just like we used to do in the 50's or earlier. They stick to foreigners for ars amandi.
-  Dude, what if they actually stick to foreigners for other things than just that?
- Like?
- Like a relationship?- asked I between one snack and another. We were somewhere at Global House near SNU or elsewhere. People seemed interested in the topic but I made sure we were quiet enough to limit the ears.
My partner in the conversation looked at me bit startled.
- What relationship? If I am able to hook her within a few days what can she expect? Besides I am not ready for anything serious! No guy my age is, they should know it!
- Uhmmm....

Depending on the situation and a guy many other contexts appeared. Some of them mentioned Darwin and that every guy is a seeder and that it is a game normal to guys. It's their thing to avoid investment as long as they want.

- Come on Aga! Are you my moral guardian or what?! - the conversation got on bit dangerous grounds. How to admit that no, but I like knowing motivation of people, getting into their little heads, no matter if they are men or women.
- Hmmm... how to tell you. Am just curious... how do you pick them? - I go deeper.
- Well I go to a bar and see which one is available.
- How do you know she is available?
- She approaches me this way or the other.

Well, this is quite universal. But point is Korean girls believe in romantic love. They are available cause they watch a lot of soap operas and have emotional needs to be loved and appreciated and they lived happily ever after. Topics like relationships or sex are not talked at home. So the average Korean girl is being simply seduced. And later it is her fault only right?

But the other side of this report shows extremely shauvinistic attitude of some Korean guys. These accusations are true, but if they want to keep their girls they should outscore foreigners in attitude and skills. One thing a foreigner usually does not want or cannot give to a Korean girl is commitment or future. So bit more skills in ars amandi and they are yours forever.

My message to Korean girls out there. Keep your eyes open. Meet a guy at the university cafeteria, at work, or even at the concert. But simply don't go to a bar. Meet men in an environment that imposes communication. And read some guidebook on typical seduction techniques and texts men use to get under your underwear. Unless you like sex with no respect.


  1. I quite doubt the need for romantic love that is shown and publicized in Korean Dramas and the need to hop into a bed with a foreigner. I mean, no Korean drama promotes Korean girls dating a waeguk or foreigner guys. The romantic guy is normally Korean. I guess the need here is different. Foreigners are more like their passport to a western nation and escape Korea. I had read some article long time back, where the Korean gal was interested in marrying a Westerner just because she could get more freedom. The Korea culture is different. The role that a daughter in law plays and the expectations from a daughter in law are pretty high.

    1. Yeah but Western guys abuse it. They are well aware of this and they abuse it. Generally more and more people engage in "temporary liaisons" as I will put it but a man abroad and out of his normal context is a special case.

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