Saturday, 7 November 2009

Pusan film festival

Too late to write about that. I know.
Yet I need to write just that: polish adverstising industry in terms of diplomacy simply sucks.
There was a movie festival in Pusan, very famous in Asia, biggest one.
And Poland didn't really show the movies which would be spotted more.
"Zero" by Borowski was in the contest, but for the rest, was it really needed to show all the movies made in 2009? Aren't there any better ones, already awarded in previous years at other festivals just to show?

I don't know... but I really hope that next year I will watch some really good movies in Pusan, and not only there.
For instance "Tricks" or "Vinci".

In Pusan the main award went to the movie "Kick off" by Shawkat Amin Korki. The feature shows the life of Kurdish Irakis trying to survive in nowadays Iraq touched by war and full of trouble. This is another example of sensitivity in Korean society. Both FIPRESCI award and the Main Prize went to that picture.

So... maybe it's time to stop showing plastic comedies made by TVN or action movies like many other of them in the world and maybe just once for instance here in Asia show something like "General Nil"? There is no need of being afraid of showing off with martirology and struggle. Not here in Korea.

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