Thursday, 15 April 2010

Cheonan soldiers recovered

The bodies of remaining 36 missing soldiers from South Korean frigate Cheonan were recovered lately.

Two weeks ago the frigate sank from unknown reasons and only 58 of the 104 crew on board had been saved.

Cold nerves of Defence Council, president Lee and Korean People had prevented the outbreak of conflict with North Korea.

However Mr President Lee says that the investigation has to be thorough, detailed and fast to finally know the causes of the tragedy.

For all Korean people, I am sorry for your loss.


  1. Greetings from Hungary! I read this post. It is terribly! I cannot even imagine such a thing! I can only think of how their families have submitted this news! Their children have died... for what?!?

  2. For the country's service. Some people are those who we can call "statesmen". In Korea there are a lot of "statesmen".


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