Friday, 30 October 2009

Murphy's Day

Murphy's Law applies to human species definately more than needed.
Yesterday it was my day to experience Murphy's Law in practise, especially that part which says that unluckiness go in triples around.

I went to the Immigration Office at Omogkyo to try to fix my legal affairs in Korea.
I had to apply for re-entry permit and change of status - Visa extension.

I was waiting in the line for more than 3 hrs watching very remarkable actions of public service officers. Not that I did not know how it was going to be due to my diplomatic education, but I had made an appointment and being really in rush grew impatient.

Hours have passed, ladies were going for lunch one after another, then brushing their teeth, then chit chatting on the phone or one to another totally ignoring people in the line.

My number was 411. At 1 p.m. I saw a free officer playing only with his computer, watching me. In western world any sign of my growing impatience would be noticed and taken into account and here... no comments.

Finally at 1:30 p.m. Ajoshi pressed the button and I could approach. However I did not manage to get what I wanted simply because I wasn't understood. In the city of 20 million people there are no english fluent specialists to serve me!

Maybe if I acted along the rules of confuciasism and asked how his wife was doing, later how her parents are doing, and if he is doing or not doing at all, I might have gained more friendly reception smile. But this time I wasn't in the mood for that. In polish there is a saying: talked a cow to the picture, really resembles this experience.

At 2:20 I got in the cab in rush to try to catch Irina who I had promised to meet with and practice our korean homework. Me being totally reliable, never 5 minutes late with nothing, this time failed. And the driver tried to pretend he doesn't understand what "Soul de hakkyo" means. Normally quiet I raised my voice that time and almost yealed on my driver speaking the name again.

At 3:00 I dropped in the lab like a tornado and logged into my FB account to try to find anyone who would know Irina's phone number. I called my friend and apologised. Luckily these were not any important negotiations in business, in such case I would be in trouble.

In the afternoon I wanted to eat noodles, but noodles went off everywhere. Some merciful and friendly person adviced me to get downstairs at the Student Center, there would be noodles!

So I went there and got noodles, but totally different from those I ordered and spicy like hell.

That's not all. I scored 10/15 in the test which was my poorest performance since I started the course.

Today luckily dude Murphy left me alone.

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  1. That's how it is ...
    Sometimes everyone feels like this cat :)


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