Thursday, 15 October 2009

Travels with Herodotus

It happened at last. I am grounded. Stuck in my comfortable bed until the end of the week.
It wasn't very wise for me to remain so active. Luckily it is not a swine flue, or I hope it is not.

I was wondering just now what takes a good reporter. Is there a possibility for me to do something unique which goes beyond the contemporary momentus of the weekly or daily issue? What is the truth in journalism, and how do I judge if it is one?
Is my point of view fair and just? To what extent am I influenced by my own cultural background? Do I have sufficient ability to listen? Are my skills ok? And so on...
Are there any objective terms of measure which I can apply to compare, research and describe what I see?

I don't know. But I started reading... My best friends for the following days are: "Applied cross-cultural psychology" by Brislin and "The geography of thought" by Nisbett. I hope to improve my understanding of the world...if I have any so far. Too much of I in this all.

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