Monday, 12 November 2012

Oppa Gangnam Style MTV Awards Best Recording

Yeah, Gangnam Style has just got MTV Music Awards for Best Recording like not any Korean music before.

I will try to be short and sincere with this post: I do congratulate my Korean friends for having their really international dancefloor club hit. This is absolutely awesome!

The clip to the song is showing some of Korean style: guy with slippers, girls in miniskirts with doll-like awesome makeup. The song in words is also sweet Korean - I am a boy you are a girl, warm during the day, hot at night etc. What is very Korean is the coffee theme in it.

I love it.

But I also have to say in style of music this is not very Korean. Not very K-pop. It is not any different in it's rythm from any other popular international dancefloor hits which might be the case that this and not any other Korean song really made it.

There are some I really love dancing to, only noone likes them cause they do not have this electonic international sound. Yes, everyone who's got a keen ear knows what I mean.

This also hits European club charts during recent weeks:

Listen. Listen also to Asaf Avidan to Otto Knows or to Avicii. Answer yourself if this is actually any different from eachother. I don't know what it is but Western dancefloor pieces are very alike, nice, with a rythm, but very alike.

Here is another example of a promising copycat:

Isn't it just Pussycat Dolls rythm and voice? She may as well come up internationally. She appeals to international taste.

And this is what used to be some best of K-pop last year:

Run Devil Run, Girls Generation. I love having my morning gym with it.
 Group of girls, oversweet, overdone, group voice, unified dance, no real leader - this is how it was.

I do not have to love K-pop. But I really love that it has it's own uniqueness. No need to go for "international taste". They don't like it, so be it. Stay yourselves.

Last but not least. I congratulate you MTV Music Awards. I wish one day world appreciates international music and not just one unified anglosaxon style of rythm.

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