Sunday, 4 November 2012


Too much education...too many work?

One year ago Korean Government have noticed finally that in South Korea there are too many people with higher education. Simply not enough jobs for everyone who masters how the microprocessor is built.

So, they decided that employers who will stop following education fever will get tax exemption as high as 18 000$ monthly if they employ a person who does not have an university degree.

Looks like simmilar situation is in Poland. Everyone gets into the university with stupid hope that this is what will get him quite stable job for just enough that if both people in the couple work, they will hopefully, during their lifetime on this planet, pay credit for 2 room 50m2 flat.

Is a degree indeed what can get one from poverty and give stability?

I am very sorry to admit that one special guy from Germany who only got technical high school education there can do with computer systems, programming devices, and any electronics more than my SNU educated Indian engineers. This is genial intuition which got him where he is now. And portfolio of very satisfied clients.

But, on the contrary is there, really, a way back?

I cannot imagine that I can convince any employer in Poland that I am capable of cleaning the floor if I don't get a degree in "flat surface conservation problematics". Same is in Korea, for a long time from now on any employer will expect an employee to hold a degree from a University. Not necessarily SKY but still.

Last but not least. They say uneducated society is easier to be handled. Apparently true, but education is also: travelling, life experience, books, tv, theater. Not only university.

For now every Korean high school graduate goes into college, then MA then corporate job in chaebol or PhD. There are a lot of unemployed PhD's in Korea.

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