Saturday, 25 February 2012

K-Pop update

What is K-pop? Why isn't it pop, just pop? Well admirers argue that it has really unique national trait. Indeed it has.

What is in common to Korean pop music are women or men that are really done in fashionized way and they are perfect dancers, both girls and boys.

They are really looking like on a stage one should look, like Western stars looked back in the 1980's.

Rythm is usually what makes it, rythmy, easy to dance music. Lyrics are all about love, seduction, and triangles: him picking one of the two, or vice versa.

They grow in popularity, mostly in Asia, adding to what is called Korean Wave. But K-pop has it's fans globally, some of them are my friends and I will make them posting here more about it. 

I love it when I do my gym at home. And it is also real pleasure to look at women who do not have this annoying "neighborhood girl" style but they are really totally made up, seductive and confident. Aren't you tired with women who do simply nothing to look better but still require admiration? Here is a rest for your eyes.

Enjoy my recent discovery:
Girls' Generation Run, Devil, Run

So, me off to my gym.

People say it is kitchy. Maybe, but it is one of the traits that make modern Korea.


  1. Thanks for Run Devil Run.
    I got to know K-Pop just last year. It was a unexpected great pleasure. Before I knew K-pop, I was a long-time American pop fan. Then all of a sudden my interest in American pop evaporated. Even Lady Gaga doesn't catch me. The first K-pop songs which mesmerized me were Sorry Sorry and Bonamana by Super Junior and Ring Ding Dong by Shinee.

    I walk 90 minutes on treadmill at home everyday. K-pop makes my walk exciting. I can not be bored for 90 minute walk thanks to K-pop. I can put my netbook on treadmill dashboard and watch K-pop programs of YouTube such as Music Bank in Tokyo and Music Bank in Paris.

  2. Yes, I admit Lady Gaga can hide herself. Additionally she is ugly, her outfit and look in Alejandro was not something that would sell her, but somehow it did. I love using K-pop for my aerobic just like you love listening to it during your walks.

    I have an idea, maybe you would like to be the author of a guest article on my blog, about something related to K-pop. In this case please email me, of course if you want :). Kamsahamnidah :)


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