Sunday, 26 February 2012

War games on the Penninsula

Kim Jong Un threatened that North Korean army shall make pre-emptive strike if its territory is 0,001 mm violated. USA and South Korea start their war games tomorrow.

There is a lot of propaganda flying on both sides. South Koreans and Americans emphasise that military exercises are mostly defensive and computer based. North Korea claims that has only peaceful and defensive intentions.

The threat arrived day after special envoy to Seoul Glyn Davies said that before Washington talks to North Korea about any improvement in bilateral relations, first North has to improve its relations with the South.

Kim Jong Un said that during a visit to the unit that shelled the Yeongpyeong Island back in 2010.

Threatening South Korea is a regular habit between regular joint American- South Korean military exercises which happen usually once a year.

It is yet to be determined which way the new regime in North Korea goes. But what we see is likely inherited same old tale, threat and blackmail.

To those naive that think South may win the war: it may win it, but if attacked its core economic heart which is situated in Seoul and around it will be shelled by normal range tactic missiles. Their southern perimeter ends at the Ajou University Campus in Suwon.

This means that the two states actually checkmate themselves. Spoiled South Korean population ( with small exceptions) that is used to driving super cars and walking on cute high heels would not even support the idea of war if it meant sacrificing silver spoon lifestyle they have.

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  1. N.Korean strategy consists of blackmail and brinkmanship to get some concessions from S.Korea and US. People in S.Korea get used to this strategy so they don't mind and keep on living their normal life.

    At any rate N.Korean blackmail and brinkmanship are providing a sobering effect to S.Korean people and to the contrary of N.Korean intentions to intimidate and disturb the S.Korean society, they contribute to leaving it more healthy and vibrant.

  2. I fully agree it is a blackmail which I tried to portrait in my small documentary- Rice and Money.

    Although the core reason why blackmail is possible is that "if" North decides to do anything, it actually hurts South Korea very badly.

    I also assume these pleaders in North are crazy. They don't care for their own people. So they would eventually start something and they will of course be beaten up in later stage. Seoul will win undoubtedly. My guess is China will relax more, as it supports North only for the very sake of illusion, and Russia might oppose something in the UN, but Un is no longer a body that anyone fears when making a war. But before victory of the South, Seoulites will be hit, their homes smashed, their properties damaged. Also young generation really does not want to sacrifice anything. I did not want to sound too sarcastic, but ever present consumerism make them sometimes a bit too selfish.

    1. leaders* my keyboard tricks me :)


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