Saturday, 11 February 2012

Kim Jung Un Dead or alive?

Kim Jung Un has been told assasinated a day ago during his visit to Beijing.  As much as it may be a calculated hoax it still might be truth though. But such jokes in our modern world have real impact.
 Let's assume Steve Jobs has got a flue 10 years ago. It was actually a real event when flu of genius Apple brain caused huge stocks collapse overnight. No, what do I say, overhour.

Every power that has no nuclear or military potential to harm South Korea or is being checkmated by its allies can still do a web attack or for instance spread a false rumour about young "crown prince" from the North dead.

When Kim Jong Il died last year the event caused huge losses in korean stocks which started correction only in late December / January. It may easily happen this time too, even if the rumour is false. This is also an occasion to earn on forex if I am right.

It always made me curious how in so scientific and mathematical environment as cash and investing haste decisions and psychology of the crowds always took over. At first 30% and some more stocks in Korea are owed by foreigners. If there is any news that situation in the country becomes unstable foreigners get cold feet, at least financially. Second issue is more complex and is related to following the crowd like a blind idiot. If a dude that sits next to me removes I shall also sell and this way index goes down. Usually time shows that what was needed was a bit of patience and individualism. Traits which humanity lacks as such and always will.

Lol :P From my point of views it is cool to observe masses of people wondering, journalists racing to get the news first etc.

And you, how do you think, is he dead or is he alive?
Who may assasinate the guy? For what?

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