Tuesday, 14 February 2012

V Day wishes

This time universal, not about Korea only :) 
Anthropologist Fisher breaks love into three distinct brain systems that enable mating and reproduction:

    Sex drive
    Romantic love (obsession, passion, infatuation)
    Attachment (calmness and security with a long-term partner)

These are brain systems, Fisher said, and all three play a role in love. They can operate independently, but people crave all three for an ideal relationship.

Which is why we feel rather calmness with lifetime partner and we women secretly desire Domogarov to kiss us instead some decent boring but stable sort of chap. On the contrary what Dr Kulesza from Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities says, men clinge to peace of mind and do not tend to associate biggest passions and desires with lifetime partner.
But I am not sure if this applies to Slavic people. For some, maybe most of us passion is love and love is passion. Maybe we give it up for the sense of boring security or for social expectations, but for some reason women leave comments under this song:  Na krayu sveta/ The end of the world "oh how he kisses etc".

Don't divide life into your grey everydayness and fairy tales you think you cannot have. Go for your own fairy tale. Go through fire for what you believe in until you find it. Sometimes it is worth to go against the current.
Until you find all in one. 

And... don't apply too much science to it. Follow your heart.

With best wishes for V Day to all my friends from all corners of the world.

With love to those who are and always be important in my life.


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