Monday, 27 February 2012

This should stop ! Enough of double moral standards!

"We in India mostly live in a blind hypocrite society basking in the glory of past superior culture fantasy." says Prachi, my Indian friend, on a recent gang rape case from Noida. 

Four youths were Sunday arrested for raping a Class 10 student after abducting her and forcing her to drink alcohol, police said. However, a senior police officer said that the girl had gone with them willingly and all that happened was with her consent.

Himanshu Sharma, 23, Rahul Kumar, 24, Sunil Singh, 22, and Saurabh Chauhan, 23, were arrested from near the Spice Mall here and a car used in the crime seized. One more accused, identified as Neeraj, is still at large.
According to Superintendent of Police (City) Anant Dev, the accused had raped the 16-year-old girl Friday night.
Victimised girl was returning from her father's shop in Sector-12 Friday when she met Himanshu, Rahul and Sunil, all whom she knew. They took her to a place where others waited.

She was later forced to drink vodka, and afterwards dragged to the backyard of one of the hotels and there young men took turns raping her. Later they dumped her near the spot she was abducted from.

Yesterday a 37 year old woman died due to excessive vaginal bleeding after being gang raped.  Her husband suspects the locals.

Foreigners are also very often assulted, and definately should not travel alone, especially in the capital district.

The most shocking is the statement of senior police officer who claims that the girl agreed to everything and that actually it was not a rape. It contradicts the prior official press release. 

Human reactions are no different. I found remarks like that women should dress differently, walk always under male escort, not walk at all, etc. Maybe they should seize to exist, would not this solve a problem?

Other comments are that sexual curiosity is normal for guys and rape is part of growing up, what's the big deal if a woman is from slums or low caste, or a foreigner for that matter.

My Indian friend Prachi comments on this: "My blood boils at such things! and then i have a spiritually inclined friend, she is asking why I even read such disturbing things it's all karma! I am telling that in this case law should go to dogs, no need of any law if it's all karma!!!" after a while she adds "We in India mostly live in a blind hypocrite society basking in the glory of past superior culture fantasy.". Indeed all I hear from Indian males is how the West is bad. 


Mumbai Mirror. “Ask the Doctor” column: “I’m a married man, and I have the opportunity to have sex with my neighbour when her husband is often away for work. What is your advice?” Invariably, the reply neglected to mention any moral implications. Instead, it was always along the lines of, “If you think you can handle having sex with two people, be sure to use adequate protection to avoid pregnancy or infection.”

Photo: Phoolan Devi, the Queen of Bandits.

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